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Successful completion of the CCTS delivery project from PS Elektrik for Grand Resort Hotel Pavel Banya

In a significant step towards infrastructure improvement, PS Elektrik successfully completed the delivery and installation of a Complete Concrete Transformer Station (CCTS) for Grand Resort Hotel in Pavel Banya. This project represents a critical enhancement of the resort's electrical supply, ensuring reliable and stable distribution of electricity to meet the growing demands for power.

Project Overview

rand Resort Hotel Pavel Banya, renowned for its luxurious amenities and first-class services, required a modernization of its electrical infrastructure to support increasing energy demands. The hotel management sought a solution that not only met current requirements but also anticipated future expansions. PS Elektrik was chosen for its proven expertise and innovative solutions in the field of electrical distribution systems.

PS Elektrik's Solution

PS Elektrik proposed and delivered a modern Concrete Цомплете Transformer Station (CCTS) designed to meet the specific needs of the hotel. The key characteristics of the CCTS include:

  1. Compact DesignThe compact design of the CCTS ensures minimal space occupancy with maximum efficiency, making it an ideal choice for the resort's infrastructure."
  2. Increased Reliability"Equipped with modern technology, the substation ensures stable and uninterrupted electrical supply, which is crucial for the continuous operation of the hotel."
  3. Capability for Expansion"The system is designed to allow for future expansions, enabling the hotel to increase its capacity without concerns about electrical power."
  4. Safety and Compliance"The CCTS meets the highest safety standards and complies with all relevant regulations, ensuring a safe operating environment for both guests and staff."

Installation and Execution

The installation process was carefully planned and executed by the team at PS Elektrik. The key steps included:

  1. Site Assessment and Preparation"Initially, a detailed site assessment was conducted to determine the most suitable location for installing the BKTP and to prepare the terrain for the installation."
  2. Delivery and Installation"The CCTS was delivered and installed according to all technical requirements and specifications."
  3. Testing and Commissioning"After installation, the substation underwent a series of tests to ensure that all systems operate correctly and safely before being put into operation."


The completion of this project demonstrates PS Elektrik's commitment to providing high-quality and innovative power supply solutions. With the new CCTS, Grand Resort Hotel Pavel Banya now has a reliable and efficient electrical distribution system that will support the future development of the resort and ensure comfort and convenience for all guests.