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Substation with Autoengineering for a 5 MW Photovoltaic Plant in Vratsa.

With its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, "PS Electric" announces the successful signing of a contract for the supply of CCTS with Autoengineering Holding Group. The project involves the construction of a photovoltaic plant in the city of Vratsa with an impressive capacity of 5 megawatts. The collaboration between "PS Electric" and Autoengineering Holding Group in this innovative project emphasizes their shared goal of promoting sustainable energy practices and reducing carbon footprint. The photovoltaic plant in Vratsa will be a key asset in the region's transition to clean energy. The concrete structures provided by "PS Electric" are carefully selected to meet the requirements of the photovoltaic project, ensuring stability, durability of the installations, and long-term protection against external influences and weather conditions. With this project, "PS Electric" underscores its vision for the development of clean energy and a sustainable future. The company continues to provide innovative and efficient solutions in the field of energy construction while strengthening its partnerships with significant players in the industry. This project is not only an engineering challenge but also a step forward in achieving national and European clean energy goals. With "PS Electric" and Autoengineering Holding Group united in this strategic project, the city of Vratsa will become a model for a sustainable energy future.